Research Interests

Comparative Politics, Political Behaviour, Political Representation, Public Opinion, European Union Politics, Quantitative Research Methods, Text Analysis, Experiments.


Under Review / Working Papers

  • Sorace, M., Hobolt, S.  “A Tale of Two Peoples: Motivated Reasoning in the aftermath of the Brexit vote” – under review
  • Sorace, M., Wratil, C. “Popular wisdom or flimsy excuse? The impact of representation gaps on populist party success” – under review
  • Boussalis, C., McElroy, G., Sorace, M. “Exploring women’s political agenda using a dynamic topic model” – expected submission: November 2019
  • Sorace, M. “The Politics of Debate in the European Parliament: Participation and Ideology” in Bäck, H. et al. The Politics of Debate in Democracies Oxford University Press – expected publication: Spring 2020

Blog Posts