My teaching philosophy follows two core principles: 1) the diversification of message channels; 2) the dialectical engagement of students through debates or practical projects. I believe that this mixed teaching strategy enhances the learning experience of students by activating long-term memory processes and critical thinking.

In 2015 I was awarded the Dermot McAleese Award for Teaching Excellence by the School of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Trinity College Dublin. In the same year, I have also been nominated by the School to the University-wide Trinity College Teaching Award for Postgraduate Students.

Listed below are the university courses I have taught so far:


2017-2018 People, Politics and Institutions in Europe
2016-2017 Introduction to Politics and IR
2016-2017 Politics and the People
2016-2017 The State and Political Institutions
2016-2017 Researching Politics: Political Representation
2016-2017 Parliamentary Studies
2016-2017 Dissertation Supervision
2015-2016 European Union Politics
2015-2016 Research Methods for Political Science (TA)
2013-2015 Comparative Politics (TA)
2012-2013 Introduction to Political Science (TA)



2017-2018 Policy-making in the European Union
2017-2018 History and Theory of European Integration
2016-2017 European Union Politics
2015-2016 Research Methods for Political Science (TA)