I have both delivered and designed courses and seminar series in comparative and legislative politics (1stand 2ndundergraduate), political behaviour and representation (final year undergraduate and postgraduate), European Union politics (undergraduate and postgraduate). I have taught seminars in quantitative methods (undergraduate and postgraduate) and convened core research methods courses. I currently am affiliated with the Q-Step Centre of the University of Kent, which aims to promote quantitative social science education.

I have been commended for my teaching with awards from both LSE and Trinity College Dublin, as well as from excellent student feedback scores. I have won the LSE 2019 Class Teacher Awards for the European Institute and have been highly commended for ‘inspiring teaching’ at LSE 2018 Class Teacher Awards. I have been awarded the Dermot McAlesee Award for Teaching Excellence in 2015 by the School of Philosophy and Social Sciences in TCD in recognition of my teaching philosophy and outstanding teaching performance. In the same year, I have also been nominated by the School to the University-wide Trinity College Teaching Award for Postgraduate Students.

I am a committed and enthusiastic teacher that privileges dialogue-based experiential learning, and research-based teaching. Other than student-led research presentations, I often plan games/simulations, debates, research design and policy/institutional design team-projects into my classes. I believe that diversification and empiricism enhance the learning experience of students by activating long-term memory processes and critical thinking.

Listed below are the university courses I have taught so far:


2019-2020 Evidence and Analysis in Policy-Making (Research Methods Course)

2019-2020 Policy Incubator (Capstone-style Policy Project)

2019-2020 The Politics and Policies of Brexit

2018-2020 Europeanisation: The EU’s impact on policy, polities and politics

2017-2020 Dissertation Supervision (26)

2017-2020 Policy-making in the European Union

2017-2019 History and Theory of European Integration

2016-2017 European Union Politics

2015-2016 Research Methods for Political Science (TA)


2017-2018 People, Politics and Institutions in Europe

2016-2017 Dissertation Supervision (9)

2016-2017 Politics and the People

2016-2017 The State and Political Institutions

2016-2017 Researching Politics: Political Representation

2016-2017 Parliamentary Studies

2016-2017 Introduction to Politics and IR

2015-2016 European Union Politics

2015-2016 Research Methods for Political Science (TA)

2013-2015 Comparative Politics (TA)

2012-2013 Introduction to Political Science (TA)